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in2p3-00006946v1  Journal articles
J.P. SanchezJ.M. FriedtG.K. ShenoyA. PercheronJ.C. Achard. Electronic and magnetic properties of RESu$_3$ compounds from $^{119}$Sn Moessbauer spectroscopy
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics, Institute of Physics (IOP), 1976, 9, pp.2207-2215
in2p3-00007870v1  Journal articles
B. HaasF.A. BeckC. GehringerJ.C. MerdingerN. Schulz et al.  High-spin neutron particle-hole states in even n = 28 isotones
Physical Review Letters, American Physical Society, 1978, 40, pp.1313-1316
in2p3-00006188v1  Journal articles
R. VaillancourtB. HaasP. Taras. Properties of excited states in $^{37}$Ar between 2.7 and 3.8 MeV
Canadian Journal of Physics, NRC Research Press, 1975, 53, pp.2534-2543
in2p3-00006823v1  Journal articles
M. GirodB. Grammaticos. The zero-point energy correction and its effect on nuclear dynamics
Nuclear Physics A, Elsevier, 1979, 330, pp.40
in2p3-00006742v1  Journal articles
P. GrangeH.A. Weidenmueller. Fission probability and the nuclear friction constant
Physics Letters B, Elsevier, 1980, 96, pp.26-30
in2p3-00006877v1  Journal articles
A.M. AlfanasevE.V. OnishchenkoL. AschG.M. Kalvius. Frequency dependence of the spin-spin relaxation rate from Moessbauer spectroscopy.
Physical Review Letters, American Physical Society, 1978, 40, pp.816
in2p3-00006883v1  Journal articles
S.F. ValverdeG. Duplatre. Isotopic exchange in a neutron-irradiated mixed-valence compound: Tl$_3^I$Tl$^{III}$Cl$_6$
Radiochimica Acta, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, 1977, 24, pp.121-123
in2p3-00018974v1  Journal articles
F. JundtG. GuillaumeP. FintzK.W. Jones. Impact-parameter dependence of molecular orbital X- rays produced by collisions of I with Au
Physical Review A, American Physical Society, 1976, 13, pp.563-565
in2p3-00018925v1  Conference papers
R. WeillM. GailloudP. JacotH. BraunA. Fridman et al.  Study of Goldhaber effect
European Antiproton Symposium 4, Mar 1978, Barr, France. pp.147
in2p3-00018667v1  Journal articles
P. WagnerR.M. FreemanA. GallmannE.K. Warburton. Decay of the $^{10}$Be 0$^+$ 6.18 MeV level
Physical Review C, American Physical Society, 1975, 11, pp.1459-1460
in2p3-00018807v1  Journal articles
M. Paty. Strong interactions at very high energies
La Recherche, Sciences et avenir, 1975, 6, pp.57-60
jpa-00220629v1  Conference papers
T. ByrskiF. BeckC. GehringerJ. Merdingery. Schutz et al.  IRREGULARITIES IN THE YRAST LINE OF 156Er
International Conference on Nuclear Behaviour at High Angular Momentum, 1980, Strasbourg, France. pp.C10-98-C10-101, ⟨10.1051/jphyscol:19801010⟩
in2p3-00019565v1  Conference papers
R. DuffaitR. BeraudA. CharvetN. EliasM. Meyer et al.  In-beam spectroscopy of the odd-odd $^{108}$In nucleus
Structure of Medium-heavy Nuclei 1979, May 1979, Rhodes, Greece. pp.263-264
in2p3-00017933v1  Journal articles
J.J. KolataR.M. FreemanF. HaasB. HeuschA. Gallmann. Cross and intermediate-width structure in the interaction of $^{16}$O with $^{16}$O
Physical Review C, American Physical Society, 1979, 19, pp.2237-2245
in2p3-00018847v1  Journal articles
G. KleinR. Voltz. Formation and decay of superexcited states in dense organic matter under high energy radiation
International Journal of Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 1975, 17, pp.155-174
in2p3-00018719v1  Conference papers
M.B. GoldbergW. KnauerG.J. KumbartzkiK.H. SpeidelJ.C. Adloff et al.  Precession measurements on nuclear-excited C-, O- and F- ions recoiling in polarized iron and nickel
International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions 4, Jun 1977, Madison, United States. pp.262-267
in2p3-00018465v1  Book sections
R.O. BellJ.C. MullerM. ToulemondeR. StuckP. Siffert. Effects of ruby laser pulses on virgin and amorphous silicon surface layers
AIP-Conference-Proceedings, American Institute of Physics, pp.299-304, 1978, AIP Conference Proceedings
in2p3-00018439v1  Conference papers
P. SiffertB. RabinH.y. TabatabaiR. Stuck. Extension of the depletion layer in cadmium telluride nuclear radiation detectors
International Workshop On Mercuric Iodide And Cadmium Telluride Nuclear Detectors, Jun 1977, Jerusalem, Israel. pp.31-37