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lirmm-00108854v1  Conference papers
S. RonchiOlivier CompanyFrançois PierrotAlain Fournier. PRP Planar Parallel Mechanism in Configurations Improving Displacement Resolution
ICPT: International Conference on Positioning Technology, Jun 2004, Shizuoka, Japan. pp.279-284
lirmm-00108928v1  Conference papers
Fabien LydoirePhilippe Poignet. Commande non Linéaire à Horizon Fuyant via l'Arithmétique d'Intervalles
CIFA: Conférence Internationale Francophone d'Automatique, Nov 2004, Douz, Tunisie. pp.CD n°66
lirmm-00108860v1  Conference papers
Hassan El MakssoudPhilippe FraisseSamer MohammedDavid GuiraudPhilippe Poignet. Control of the Knee Joint Under Functional Electrical Stimulation: Simulation Results Based on a New Physiological Muscle Model
IFESS: International Functional Electrical Stimulation Society, Sep 2004, Bournemouth, United Kingdom. pp.113-116
lirmm-00108906v1  Book sections
Etienne DombreMicaël MichelinFrançois PierrotPhilippe PoignetPhilippe Bidaud et al.  MARGE Project: Design, Modeling, and Control of Assistive Devices for Minimally Invasive Surgery
C. Barillot; D.R. Haynor; P. Hellier. Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention – MICCAI 2004, 3217, Springer, pp.1-8, 2004, 7th International Conference, Saint-Malo, France, September 26-29, 2004. Proceedings, Part II, 3-540-22977-9. ⟨10.1007/978-3-540-30136-3_1⟩
lirmm-00108924v1  Conference papers
Sébastien KrutOlivier CompanyC. CoradiniJean-Christophe Fauroux. Evaluation of a 4 Degree of Freedom Parallel Manipulator Stiffness
IFToMM:'04: International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science, Apr 2004, Tianjin (China), pp.1857-1861
lirmm-00108664v1  Conference papers
Etienne DombreMicaël MichelinFrançois PierrotPhilippe PoignetPhilippe Bidaud et al.  Projet MARGE : Modélisation, Apprentissage et Reproduction du Geste Endochirurchical
ROBEA: Robotique et Entités Artificielles, Jan 2004, Toulouse, France. pp.17-25
lirmm-00109157v1  Book sections
Micaël MichelinEtienne DombrePhilippe Poignet. Geometrical Control Approach for Minimally Invasive Surgery
T.M. Buzug; T.C. Lueth. Perspective in Image-Guided Surgery, World Scientific Publishing, pp.152-159, 2004, 981-238-872-9
lirmm-00108655v1  Conference papers
Bertin NahumLucien BlondelE. TasselEtienne DombrePhilippe Poignet et al.  A Cutting Guide Positioner Robot to Improve Bone-Cutting Precision in Knee Osteotomy
CAOS'04: 4th Annual Meeting of Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery, Jun 2004, Chicago, United States. pp.301-302
lirmm-00108840v1  Conference papers
Sébastien KrutVincent NabatOlivier CompanyFrançois Pierrot. A High-Speed Parallel Robot for Scara Motions
ICRA: International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Apr 2004, New Orleans, United States. pp.4109-4115, ⟨10.1109/ROBOT.2004.1308914⟩
lirmm-00108665v1  Conference papers
Etienne DombreOlivier CompanySébastien KrutFrédéric MarquetFrançois Pierrot et al.  MAX. Robots à Architecture Complexe : De la Conception à la Performance et l'Autonomie
2ièmes Journées Bilan du Programme Interdisciplinaire ROBEA'02, Jan 2004, Toulouse, France. pp.1-8
lirmm-00109156v1  Book sections
Philippe MailletEtienne DombrePhilippe Poignet. Optimisation of the Robot Placement in the Operating Room
T.M. Buzug; T.C. Lueth. Perspective in Image-Guided Surgery, World Scientific Publishing, pp.383-390, 2004, 981-238-872-9
lirmm-00108556v1  Journal articles
Gilles DucheminPhilippe PoignetEtienne DombreFrançois Pierrot. Medically Safe and Sound: the Challenge of Designing and Manufacturing Actuated Medical Robots for Safe Human Interaction
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2004, 11 (2), pp.46-55