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hal-00022690v1  Conference papers
Laurent FulcheriThomas GruenbergerJosé Gonzalez-AguilarHanako OkunoFrédéric Fabry et al.  Synthesis of carbon nanomaterials by thermal arc plasma.
17th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry ISPC 17, Aug 2005, Toronto, Canada. p. 784-785
hal-00023377v1  Conference papers
Katharina KrellDidier Mayer. The European Master in Renewable Energy.
The 20th European Photovoltaic solar Energy International Conference, 2005, Barcelone, Spain
hal-00022693v1  Conference papers
José Gonzalez-AguilarLaurent FulcheriGilles Flamant. Particle contribution to the radiative heat transfer in a plasma reactor : continuum approach.
17th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry, ISCP 17, 2005, Toronto, Canada
hal-00068124v1  Conference papers
Anne-Lise BeaulantThierry RanchinChristiane WeberGilles PerronJoseph Kleinpeter. A geographical tool for personal exposure assessment.
9th International Conference CUPUM 05 (Computer in Urban Planning and Urban Management), 2005, Londres, United Kingdom
hal-00537823v1  Conference papers
Thierry Ranchin. Data fusion in remote sensing: examples
4th annual conference on information fusion, Aug 2001, Montreal, Canada. p.We1-19WeA1-25
hal-00536981v1  Journal articles
Thierry RanchinBernard NaertMichel AlbuissonGilbert Boyer. An automatic method for the vine detection in Airbone imagery using wavelet transform and multiresolution analysis
Photogrammetric engineering and remote sensing, Asprs American Society for Photogrammetry and, 2001, 67 (1), p.91-98
hal-00464739v1  Conference papers
Isabelle CouloignerThierry RanchinLucien Wald. Benefit of data fusion to urban roads mapping
2nd International Conference "Fusion of Earth Data: merging point measurements, raster maps and remotely sensed images", Jan 1998, Sophia Antipolis, France. pp.183-190
hal-00464898v1  Conference papers
Thierry RanchinLucien Wald. Preparation of SPOT 4 mission: Production of high resolution (10 m) multispectral images using the ARSIS method
15th EARSeL Symposium “Progress in Environmental Research and Applications ”, Sep 1995, Basel, Switzerland. pp.175-179
hal-00537044v1  Conference papers
Bruno DelenneJ. BoularanLaurent ModeRami El GolliJean-Jacques Bézian et al.  Stability study of a pressure regulator by modelling and experimental design Etude de stabilité d'un détenteur régulateur modélisation et plan d'expériences
2001 International Gaz Research Conference (IGRC) "Transmission and storage", Nov 2001, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 14 p. (CD ROM)
hal-00537694v1  Conference papers
Nicolas FichauxThierry Ranchin. Evaluating offshore wind energy resource by space borne radar sensors: a multi-source approach
European Wind Energy Conference (EWEC), Jul 2001, Copenhague, Denmark. p.864-867
hal-00540919v1  Conference papers
Céline TrousseauDidier MayerFrançois-Pascal Neirac. Energy Storage Management strategies in hybrid systems
Sixteenth European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, May 2000, Glasgow, United Kingdom. p.2255-2258 - ISBN 1-902-916-18-2
hal-00540930v1  Conference papers
Wunian yangFrançois CauneauJean-Pierre ParisThierry Ranchin. Fusion of SAR and SPOT images for the detection of geological features over the Three Gorges Dam site, China
3rd International Conference "Fusion of Earth Data: merging point measurements, raster maps and remotely sensed images, Jan 2000, Sophia-Antipolis, France. p.137-142
hal-00464381v1  Conference papers
Karine Jaloustre-AudoinEric SavariaLucien Wald. A simulator of images in the infrared spectral band for training users
1998 International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS 98) on Sensing and Managing the Environment, Jul 1998, Seattle, Wa., United States. pp.1512-1514
hal-00464744v1  Journal articles
Mireille LefèvreOlivier BauerAxel IehléLucien Wald. An automatic method for the calibration of time-series of Meteosat images
International Journal of Remote Sensing, Taylor & Francis, 2000, 21 (5), pp.1025-1045
hal-00527397v1  Conference papers
2nd International Symposium on nanotechnology in Construction NICOM 2, Nov 2005, Bilbao, Spain. p.383-393 - ISBN 2-91243-87-X
hal-00529981v1  Conference papers
Laurent FulcheriG. FlamantFrédéric FabryThomas GruenbergerJosé Gonzalez-Aguilar et al.  Production of carbon nanostructures ranging from carbon black over fullrenes to nanotubes by thermal plasma
16th International symposium on plasma chemistry (ISPC 16), Jun 2003, Taormina, Italy. pp.CD-ROM
hal-00077340v1  Conference papers
Denis ClodicLionel Palandreyingzhong yu. Method of test measurement for leak flow rates of MAC systems.
VDA alternate refrigerant winter meeting, automotive air conditioning and heat pump center, Feb 2005, Saalfelden, Austria
hal-00077400v1  Conference papers
Bruno Peuportier. Les outils d'assistance à la maîtrise d'ouvrage.
Colloque cm3e. La qualité environnementale des constructions. Où en est-on ?, Mar 2005, La Rochelle, France. pp.9
hal-00800669v1  Conference papers
Mireille LefèvreAlain VezinaMaurice LevasseurGuy CantinNicholas-Charles Murray. A model of DMS emission in the western north Atlantic
33rd CMOS congress on Environmental Prediction, May 1999, University of Quebec at Montreal, Canada
hal-00545990v1  Journal articles
Benjamin RavaryLaurent FulcheriGilles FlamantFrédéric Fabry. Analysis of a 3-Phase AC Plasma system
High Temperature Material Processes: An International Quarterly of High-Technology Plasma Processes, Begell House, 1998, 2 (2), pp.245-260