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hal-01019911v1  Conference papers
Claire Le Paven-ThivetRatiba BenzergaLaurent Le GendreYu LuViet Hung Nguyen et al.  Functional dielectric oxide and oxynitride perovskite thin films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering
Microwave Materials and their Application (MMA 2014), Jun 2014, Boston, Idaho, United States. pp.2
hal-00606947v1  Conference papers
Viet Hung NguyenAhmed ZianiRatiba BenzergaClaire Le Paven-ThivetDidier Fasquelle et al.  Dielectric LaTiOxNy oxynitride thin films
hal-01084260v1  Conference papers
Xavier CastelJulien HautcoeurFranck ColombelMohamed Himdi. Antennas with soft visual impact: from thin film elaboration to microwave performance
Séminaire sur invitation, Pr. K. ITO, Directeur du ‘Center for Frontier Medical Engineering’, University of Chiba, Oct 2014, Chiba, Japan
hal-01084262v1  Conference papers
Xavier CastelJulien HautcoeurFranck ColombelMohamed Himdi. Transparent conducting films for see-through antennas printed on glass substrates
4th Workshop NIMS – Université de Rennes 1, Oct 2014, Tsukuba, Japan. pp.9
hal-03327961v1  Conference papers
Xavier CastelLilia Manac'HMohamed HimdiPatrick Parneix. Sandwich-structured composite materials for WiFi antenna application
AAAFM UCLA 2021 “American Association for Advances in Functional Materials”, Aug 2021, Los Angeles, United States. 1 pp
hal-01871437v1  Poster communications
Antoine DenisDavid RondeauThomas DelhayeXavier CastelMohamed Himdi. Fonctionnalisation de surfaces par nébullisation gazeuse en spectrométrie de masse pour applications senseurs et systèmes antennaires
Journées des Doctorants IETR, Jun 2018, Vannes, France. 1 pp., 2018, Actes de colloque des Journées des Doctorants IETR
hal-01865900v1  Conference papers
Xavier CastelMohamed HimdiFranck Colombel. Comparison of the microwave performance of transparent monopole antennas made of different transparent conducting films
IEEE CAMA 2018, ‘IEEE Conference on Antenna Measurements & Applications’, Sep 2018, Västeras, Sweden. 4 pp., ⟨10.1109/cama.2018.8530552⟩
hal-01413643v1  Journal articles
Husameldin A. ElmobarakSharul A. K. RahimMohamed HimdiXavier CastelMohammad Abedian. A transparent and flexible polymer-fabric tissue UWB antenna for future wireless networks
IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2017, 16 (1), pp.1333-1336. ⟨10.1109/LAWP.2016.2633790⟩
hal-00474184v1  Conference papers
Julien HautcoeurFranck ColombelXavier CastelMohamed HimdiEduardo Motta-Cruz. Performances of Transparent Monopole Antennas versus Meshed Silver Layers (AgGL)
4th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP 2010), Apr 2010, Barcelone, Spain. pp.A11P2
hal-00596644v1  Conference papers
Solène BoucherAla SharaihaPatrick PotierXavier Castel. Broad printed monopole antenna loaded with low conductive material
The 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP 2011), Apr 2011, Rome, Italy. pp.2391-2395
hal-00749620v1  Conference papers
Xavier CastelJulien HautcoeurFranck ColombelMohamed HimdiEduardo Motta-Cruz. Mesh processing on metal thin films: impact on transparent antenna performance
2eme Workshop NIMS - Université de Rennes 1 ''Materials and Sustainable development : Issues and Challenges of the 21st century'', Oct 2012, Tsukuba, Japan. pp.22
hal-00737913v1  Conference papers
Lilia Manac'HXavier CastelMohamed Himdi. Carbon-fiber tissue as radiating element: toward pure composite material antennas
International Conference on Electronic Materials - IUMRS-ICEM 2012, Sep 2012, Yokohama, Japan. pp.A-9-O26-005
hal-01756133v1  Conference papers
Mohamed HimdiKevin RubriceXavier CastelPatrick Parneix. Dielectric characteristics and microwave absorption of graphene composite materials
7th Workshop NIMS-UR1-CNRS-SG "Materials and Sustainable development: Issues and Challenges of the 21st century", Mar 2018, Cavaillon, France. pp.825
hal-02441518v1  Conference papers
Mohamed HimdiXavier Castel. Technologies dedicated to soft visual impact antennas
ICEECC 2016, ‘International Conference on Electrical, Electronic, Communication and Control Engineering’, Dec 2016, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
hal-01148547v1  Poster communications
H. NguyenYu LuClaire Le PavenRatiba BenzergaLaurent Le Gendre et al.  Filtres hyperfréquences agiles en fréquence à base de films perovskites oxynitrures
17èmes Journées Nationales Microondes, JNM 2011, May 2011, Brest, France. 2011
hal-03026868v1  Poster communications
Maëlle SergolleXavier CastelMohamed HimdiPhilippe BesnierPatrick Parneix. Matériaux composites stratifiés à faibles pertes diélectriques : Modèle théorique et caractérisations diélectriques
JCMM 2020 “16èmes Journées de Caractérisation Microondes et Matériaux”, Nov 2020, Toulouse, France. 1, pp.25-28, 2020, Actes de colloque des JCMM
hal-01871062v1  Poster communications
Antoine DenisDavid RondeauXavier CastelMohamed Himdi. Surface functionalization by soft-landing for sensor and antenna applications
Journée des Doctorants IETR, Jul 2017, Rennes, France. 1 pp., 2017, Actes de Colloque de la Journée des Doctorants IETR
hal-00596656v1  Conference papers
Julien HautcoeurFranck ColombelXavier CastelMohamed HimdiEduardo Motta-Cruz. Performances radioélectriques d'antennes monopoles losanges transparentes
"17èmes Journées Nationales Microondes" (JNM 2011), May 2011, Brest, France. pp.4A-1
hal-00596654v1  Conference papers
Solène BoucherAla SharaihaPatrick PotierXavier Castel. Modèle circuit pour antenne résistive large bande
"17èmes Journées Nationales Microondes " (JNM 2011), May 2011, Brest, France. pp.1F-8