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Composites Nitrides Cullet Permittivity PZT Anechoic chamber Microwave absorption Microwave absorbers Microwave Reflectarray Domain walls Parois de domaines Magnetoelectric FREQUENCE Hyperbolic law Laser ablation Nanoparticles Classification Magnetoelectric effect Epitaxy Perovskites Couches minces Polymers Multilayer Polymer foam Optimization algorithm TRAITEMENT DU SIGNAL Photocatalysis Antenna measurements Polymer blend Films Reactive sputtering Crystallinity Inorganic compounds Dielectric Composite Substrates Oblique incidence Piezomagnetic Lightweight epoxy foam Tunability Thin film Oxynitrure Metamaterials High-throughput screening Oxides Piezoelectricity Photocatalyse Ferroélectrique Perovskite Complex dielectric constants Ferroelectric SURVEILLANCE Graphene Polymer Thin films Optical properties Ferroelectric thin films Multilayers Ferroelectric film Dielectric properties Electromechanical reconfiguration Multifunctional composite materials Electrostriction Cross-linking Aluminium foil Carbon fibers PZT thin films Glasses LaTiOxNy Ferroelectrics Microwave absorber Antenne Oxynitride Hybrid absorber Electromagnetic absorption BST Polyurethane substrate Laser etching Microwave frequency Diélectrique Antennas Dopage Antennes ANTENNE Accordabilité Physical properties Chambre anéchoïque Energy harvesting Analytical modeling Couche mince Electroactive polymers Dielectric constant Composite materials Pulvérisation cathodique Dielectric permittivity Sputtering Diagnosis Reflection coefficient Normal incidence