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hal-02050213v1  Conference papers
Krishna PradeepThierry PoirouxPatrick ScheerGilles GougetAndre Juge et al.  Sensitivity analysis of C-V global variability for 28 nm FD-SOI
EUROSOI-ULIS - 2017 Joint International EUROSOI Workshop and International Conference on Ultimate Integration on Silicon, Apr 2017, Athens, Greece. pp.132-135, ⟨10.1109/ULIS.2017.7962582⟩
hal-02050203v1  Conference papers
Pushpendra KumarCharles LerouxAlain ToffoliGiovanni RomanoXavier Garros et al.  Effect of La and Al addition used for threshold voltage shift on the BTI reliability of HfON-based FDSOI MOSFETs
2017 IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), Apr 2017, Monterey, United States. pp.2B-2.1-2B-2.7, ⟨10.1109/IRPS.2017.7936258⟩
hal-02050209v1  Conference papers
Krishna PradeepGilles GougetThierry PoirouxPatrick ScheerAndre Juge et al.  Systematic evaluation of the split C-V based parameter extraction methodologies for 28 nm FD-SOI
2017 International Conference of Microelectronic Test Structures (ICMTS), Mar 2017, Grenoble, France. pp.59-63, ⟨10.1109/ICMTS.2017.7954267⟩
hal-02050233v1  Conference papers
K. TriantopoulosM. CasséL. BrunetP. BatudeC. Fenouillet-Beranger et al.  Self-heating assessment and cold current extraction in FDSOI MOSFETs
2017 IEEE SOI-3D-Subthreshold Microelectronics Technology Unified Conference (S3S), Oct 2017, Burlingame, United States. pp.6.4, ⟨10.1109/S3S.2017.8309239⟩
hal-01062197v1  Conference papers
K. BelmkaddemL. RudantT.-P. Vuong. Small Antenna Radiation properties analysis using spherical wave expansion
15th International Symposium on Antenna Technology and Applied Electromagnetics (ANTEM),, Jun 2012, Toulouse, France
hal-01062204v1  Conference papers
M.T. LeQ.C. NguyenT.P. Vuong. Design of a High Gain Antenna at 5.8GHz Using a New Metamaterials Structure",
The International Conference on Communications and Electronics (ICCE 2012),, Aug 2012, Hue, Vietnam
hal-01062223v1  Conference papers
B.R. FranciscattoA.C. SouzaC. DefayT.T. TrangT.P. Vuong. High gain microstrip patch antenna array using multiple superstrate layers for DSRC applications," Cape Town, South Africa.
Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Wireless Communications (APWC), 2012 IEEE-APS,, Sep 2012, Cape Town, South Africa
hal-02009692v1  Conference papers
Emilie HéraultFrédéric GaretJean-Louis Coutaz. Critical study on the identification of concealed substances by THz spectroscopy
2016 41st International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz waves (IRMMW-THz), Sep 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark. pp.1-2, ⟨10.1109/IRMMW-THz.2016.7758542⟩
hal-01062238v1  Conference papers
Anne-Laure FrancG. RehderP. Ferrari. A Millimeter-Wave Integrated Sensor for the Dielectric Constant Characterization of Pico-Liter Volumes of Liquids",
International Semiconductor Conference Dresden-Grenoble, ISCDG 2012,, Sep 2012, grenoble, France
hal-02009934v1  Conference papers
Sorin Cristoloveanu,. Characterization techniques for ultra thin materials and devices
IEEE EDS Mini-Colloquium on Semiconductor Device Modeling, Sep 2018, Tarragona, Spain
hal-01062178v1  Conference papers
M. BrocardE. EidT. LacrevazC. BermondG. Houzet et al.  Focus on Links between High Frequency Substrate Noise and High Speed Signal Transmission in Interconnection Channels of 3D-IC
Micro-Nano-Electronics Packaging & Assembly, Design and Manufacturing,, Apr 2012, grenoble, France
hal-01062346v1  Conference papers
W. SahyounP. BenechJ. Duchamp. Nonlinear behavior of Coupled Resonator Filter at high RF power levels in time and frequency domains
42th European Microwave Conference, EuMC'12,, Oct 2012, Amsterdam, Netherlands
hal-02009907v1  Conference papers
Sorin Cristoloveanu,Hassan El DiraniYohann SolaroJing WanAlexander Zaslavsky et al.  Innovative sharp-switching nano-devices based on band modulation
8th Int. Workshop on Advanced Materials Science and Technology (IWAMSN 2016), Nov 2016, Ha Long, Vietnam
hal-02012397v1  Journal articles
Xiao-Lan TangEmmanuel PistonoPhilippe FerrariJean-Michel Fournier. A millimeter-wave CMOS power amplifier design using high- Q slow-wave transmission lines
International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, Wiley, 2016, 26 (2), pp.99-109
hal-02961016v1  Journal articles
Melissa ArabiXavier GarrosJacques CluzelMustapha RafikXavier Federspiel et al.  A New Direct Measurement Method of Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown at High Frequency
IEEE Electron Device Letters, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2020, 41 (10), pp.1460-1463. ⟨10.1109/LED.2020.3016383⟩
hal-02008114v1  Journal articles
Antoine LittySylvie OrtollandDominique GolanskiChristian DuttoAlexandres Dartigues et al.  Towards high-voltage MOSFETs in ultrathin FDSOI
International Journal of High Speed Electronics and Systems, World Scientific Publishing, 2016, 25 (1&2), pp.1640005. ⟨10.1142/S012915641640005X⟩
hal-02008564v1  Conference papers
Romain BangeEdwige BanoLaëtitia RapenneArnaud MantouxStephen Saddow et al.  Development of SOI FETs based on core–shell Si/SiC nanowires for sensing in liquid environments
12th European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials (ECSCRM), Sep 2018, Birmingham, United Kingdom