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hal-02447228v1  Conference papers
Jean-Claude BermondGerard Memmi. A graph theoretical characterization of minimal deadlocks in Petri nets
Graph theory with applications to algorithms and computer science, Wiley, 1985, Kalamazoo,MI, United States. pp.73-87
hal-00616434v1  Journal articles
Jean-Louis Dessalles. SAVANT2, ou l'audiovisuel interactif à Sup'Telecom
Les Cahiers du CEFI, 1986, 15, pp.46-49
hal-00616435v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis Dessalles. Computer assisted concept learning
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Assisted Learning (ICCAL-90) - Lecture Notes in Computer Science 438, 1990, Berlin, Germany. pp.175-183
hal-00607625v1  Journal articles
Jean-Louis Dessalles. SAVANT3 : un enseignement des concepts assisté par ordinateur
L'Echo des Recherches, 1990, 142, pp.34-44
hal-00616441v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis Dessalles. The simulation of conversations
Proceedings of the Cognitiva-90 Symposium, 1990, Amsterdam, France. pp.483-492
hal-00614796v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis Dessalles. Biomimetic use of genetic algorithms
Proceedings of the Conference on Parallel Problem Solving from Nature, 1992, Amsterdam, Belgium. pp.127-135
hal-00614814v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis DessallesPascal Meyers. Exemple d'une simulation argumentée pour l'apprentissage de Prolog
Actes des journées 'Environnements Interactifs d'Apprentissage avec Ordinateur' de Cachan (EIAO-93), 1993, Paris, France. pp.147-157
hal-00616420v1  Journal articles
Eric BonabeauJean-Louis DessallesAlain Grumbach. Characterizing emergent phenomena (1): a critical review
Revue Internationale de Systémique, 1995, 9 (3), pp.327-346
hal-00616421v1  Journal articles
Eric BonabeauJean-Louis DessallesAlain Grumbach. Characterizing emergent phenomena (2): a conceptual framework
Revue Internationale de Systémique, 1995, 9 (3), pp.347-371
hal-02624683v1  Conference papers
Dominique GaïtiNadia Boukhatem. In search of new congestion control schemes in ATM networks
International Teletraffic Seminar 1995, 1995, Bangkok, Thailand
hal-00616419v1  Conference papers
Vincent BergasolJean-Louis DessallesFrédéric Kaplan. X-MOISE: a logical spreadsheet to elicit didactic knowledge
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Aided Learning and Instructions in Science and Engineering (CALISCE-96) - Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1108, 1996, Berlin, Spain. pp.430-432
hal-00614798v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis Dessalles. Pensée privée et communication sociale
Du collectif au social - Actes des journées de Rochebrune, 1996, Paris, France. pp.49-59
hal-02624609v1  Conference papers
Dominique GaïtiNadia Boukhatem. New Approaches for the Congestion Control in ATM Networks
4th International Conference on Telecommunication Systems, Modelling and Analysis, Mar 1996, Nashville, United States
hal-00860212v1  Conference papers
Vincent BersagolJean-Louis DessallesFrédéric KaplanJean-Christophe MarzeSébastien Picault. XMOISE: A Logical Spreadsheet to Elicit Didactic Knowledge
3rd International Conference on Computer Aided Learning and Instruction in Science and Engineering (CALISCE'96), Jul 1996, San Sebastian, Spain. pp.430-432
hal-00616375v1  Journal articles
Eric BonabeauJean-Louis Dessalles. Detection and emergence
Intellectica - La revue de l’Association pour la Recherche sur les sciences de la Cognition (ARCo), Association pour la Recherche sur la Cognition, 1997, 25 (2), pp.85-94
hal-02624579v1  Conference papers
Lila BoukhatemNadia BoukhatemDominique Gaïti. D-CAPC : a Dynamic Congestion Avoidance using Proportional Control
2nd IFIP Workshop on Traffic Management and Synthesis of ATM Networks, Sep 1997, Montreal, Canada
hal-02624558v1  Conference papers
Nadia BoukhatemDominique Gaïti. Les agents intelligents : des concepts
SFBSID '97 - Séminaire Franco-Brésilien sur les Systèmes Informatiques Distribués, Nov 1997, Fortaleza, Brésil
hal-00614801v1  Book sections
Jean-Louis Dessalles. Altruism, status, and the origin of relevance
Approaches to the evolution of language: Social and cognitive bases, Cambridge University Press, pp.130-147, 1998
hal-00616416v1  Conference papers
J.-Bernard AuriolJean-Louis Dessalles. Separation of logical and calculation capabilities in a problem solving task
Proceedings of the European Conference on Cognitive Modelling (ECCM-98), 1998, Nottingham, United Kingdom. pp.193-194
hal-00616432v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis DessallesTiziana Zalla. Phenomenal consciousness as phenotype
Abstracts of the Conference 'Neural Correlates of Consciousness', 1998, Bremen, Germany. pp.19-20
hal-00614802v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis Dessalles. The interplay of desire and necessity in dialogue
Proccedings of the Workshop on Formal Semantics and Pragmatics of Dialogue (TWENDIAL-98) - Twente Workshop on Language Technology (TWLT-13), 1998, Enschede, Netherlands. pp.89-97
hal-00616418v1  Conference papers
J.-Bernard AuriolJean-Louis Dessalles. Error characterisation in problem solving tasks
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Aided Learning and Instructions in Science and Engineering (CALISCE-98), 1998, Göteborg, Sweden. pp.381-389
hal-00614804v1  Journal articles
Jean-Louis Dessalles. Coalition factor in the evolution of non-kin altruism
Advances in Complex Systems, World Scientific, 1999, 2 (2), pp.143-172
hal-00616437v1  Conference papers
Jean-Louis Dessalles. Two stages in the evolution of language use
Proceedings of the International Conference on the Evolution of Language, 2000, Paris, France. pp.77-80
hal-00616436v1  Book sections
Jean-Louis Dessalles. Language and hominid politics
The evolutionary emergence of language: social function and the origins of linguistic form, Cambridge University Press, pp.62-79, 2000