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hal-00356863v1  Conference papers
C. BaudoinMathieu DervinPascal BerthouThierry GayraudFrédéric Nivor et al.  PLATINE: DVB-S2/RCS enhanced testbed for next generation satellite networks
International Workshop on IP Networking over Next-generation Satellite Systems (INNSS'07), Jul 2007, Budapest, Hungary. 11p
hal-00595064v1  Conference papers
Akram HakiriPascal BerthouThierry Gayraud. Design of Low Cost PC-based Simulators for Education and Training Purpose Using DDS
International Conference on Computer as a Tool, EUROCON 2011, Apr 2011, Lisbonne, Portugal. pp.103
hal-00356832v1  Conference papers
Mathieu GinesteBaptiste JacqueminPascal BerthouAbdelaziz El FatniThierry Gayraud et al.  A web services based resource signaling scheme in multimedia satellite systems
4th Advanced Satellite Mobile Systems Conference (ASMS 2008), Aug 2008, Bologna, Italy. 7p
hal-00452543v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuDavid DubucKatia GrenierPatrick Pons et al.  Miniaturized wireless sensor network
IEEE International Conference of Semiconductors, CAS2006, Oct 2006, Romania
hal-00510858v1  Conference papers
Akram HakiriPascal BerthouThierry Gayraud. Survey study of the QoS Management in Distributed Interactive Simulation Through Dead Reckoning Algorithms
2010 Euro Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Jul 2010, Ottawa, Canada. 10p
hal-00356854v1  Conference papers
Roxana AlbuAubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuThierry GayraudPascal Berthou. Evaluation of UWB communication for in-flight entertainment system in the aircraft cabin
7th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbuses and nETworks in industrial and embedded systems, November 7-8-9, 2007, Nov 2007, Toulouse, France. p. 49-56
hal-01097189v1  Journal articles
Lionel BertauxPascal BerthouThierry Gayraud. Architecture Multi Domiciliée dans les Réseaux Mobiles : Diminution de l'Impact de la Mobilité sur les Protocoles de Transport
Revue des Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information, Editions RNTI, 2013, vol. RNTI-SM-2, pp.39-58
hal-00659863v1  Conference papers
Ihsane TouPascal BerthouThierry GayraudFabrice PlanchouValentin Kretzschmar et al.  Which Transport Protocol for Hybrid Terrestrial and Satellite Systems?
Personal Satellite Services, PSATS 2012, Mar 2012, Bradford, United Kingdom. paper 30
hal-00357203v1  Journal articles
Thierry GayraudPascal Berthou. A QoS Architecture for DVB-RCS Next Generation Satellite Networks
EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, SpringerOpen, 2007, Volume 2007, pp.Article ID 58484
hal-00356844v1  Conference papers
Thierry GayraudPascal Berthou. Evaluation of ad-hoc and mobility architectures using satellite communications
26th AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems (ICSSC 2008), Jun 2008, San Diego, United States. 3p
hal-01192975v1  Book sections
Baptiste JacqueminPascal BerthouThierry GayraudLionel Bertaux. About QoS in DVB-S2/RCS Systems
Satellite Communications,, 2010, 978-953-307-135-0
hal-00661015v1  Conference papers
Ahmed AklThierry GayraudPascal Berthou. A metric for evaluating density level of wireless sensor networks
Wireless Days (WD), Oct 2011, Niagara Falls, Canada. pp.1-3
hal-00356861v1  Conference papers
Linghang FanC. BaudoinL. RodriguezAurora RamosJ.A. Guerra et al.  SATSIX: A network architecture for next generation DVB-RCS systems
International Workshop on IP Networking over Next-generation Satellite Systems (INNSS'07), Jul 2007, Budapest, Hungary. 22p
hal-00250236v1  Conference papers
Baptiste JacqueminPascal BerthouThierry GayraudCédric Baudoin. QoS et mobilité dans un système DVB-S/RCS
Colloque Francophone sur l'Ingénierie des Protocoles (CFIP), Mar 2008, Les Arcs, France
hal-00510857v1  Conference papers
Akram HakiriPascal BerthouThierry Gayraud. Addressing the Challenge of Distributed Interactive Simulation With Data Distribution Service
2010 Euro Simulation Interoperability Workshop, Jul 2010, Ottawa, Canada. 9p
hal-00356866v1  Conference papers
Thierry GayraudOlivier AlphandPascal BerthouBaptiste JacqueminC. Baudoin. Mobility architectures for DVB-S/RCS satellite networks
2th Ka band Broadband Communications Conference, Sep 2006, Naples, Italy. pp.CDROM
hal-00369082v1  Conference papers
Laurence DuquerroySébastien JossetOlivier AlphandPascal BerthouThierry Gayraud. SatIPSec : an optimized solution for securing multicast and unicast satellite transmissions
22nd AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference, May 2004, Monterey, United States. 11p
hal-00533243v1  Conference papers
Lionel BertauxThierry GayraudPascal Berthou. How is SCTP Able to Compete with TCP on a QoS-aware Satellite Network ?
Advances in Satellite and Space Communications (SPACOMM), Jun 2010, Athens, France. ⟨10.1109/SPACOMM.2010.20⟩