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halshs-00157109v1  Journal articles
Denis Geraads. The late Pliocene locality of Ahl al Oughlam, Morocco: vertebrate fauna and interpretation
Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa, 2006, 61 (2), pp.97-101
halshs-00327903v1  Journal articles
Denis GeraadsNikolaï SpassovRisto Garevski. New specimens of Propotamochoerus (Suidae, Mammalia) from the late Miocene of the Balkans
Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie - Abhandlungen, 2008, 248 (1), pp.103-113
halshs-00158076v1  Journal articles
Denis GeraadsNikolaï SpassovDimitar Kovachev. The Bulgarian Chalicotheriidae (Mammalia): an update
Revue de Paléobiologie, 2006, 25 (2), pp.429-436
halshs-00442647v1  Conference papers
Jean-Paul RaynalFatima-Zohra Sbihi AlaouiAbderrahim MohibMohssine El GraouiDavid Lefevre et al.  Hominid Cave at Thomas Quarry I (Casablanca, Morocco): recent findings and their context.
The oldest human expansions in Eurasia Favouring and limiting factors, international Congress,, Nov 2008, Paris, France
halshs-00328031v1  Conference papers
Cécile Mourer-ChauviréDenis Geraads. The Struthionidae and Pelagornithidae (Aves: Struthioniformes, Odontopterygiformes) from the late Pliocene of Ahl al Oughlam, Morocco
6ème Symposium international de la Society for Avian Paleontology and Evolution (SAPE), 2005, Esperaza, France. pp.169-194
halshs-00157494v1  Journal articles
Denis GeraadsNikolaï SpassovDimitar Kovachev. A new Sporadotragus (Bovidae, Mammalia) from the late Miocene of Bulgaria
Rivista Italiana di Paleontologia e Stratigrafia, 2006, 112 (3), pp.473-479